For over 15 years I have enjoyed working with clients from across the architecture/property industry to capture the full potential of their architectural projects.
After gaining a clear understanding of the client’s objectives for the project – on arrival I like to walk around the project and take in the space, getting a feel for the form of the building from different viewpoints and how it sits in the context of it’s surroundings… this familiarity allows for a more intuitive approach when shooting the project.
A sharp eye for composition and a strong sense of lighting help me to capture dynamic, compelling architectual images that enable my clients to communicate the strength of their capabilities and assets to their audience.
Working with high resolution cameras and lenses to maximise image quality and years of experience in post production and digital retouching allow me to hone and enhance selected images before delivery … more recently the use of drones help me to achieve viewpoints and motion content that was not possible before.
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